There is a lot going on these days, just to understate the scene completely. Politics, economics technology, the planet, education, ways of working. A perfect storm. Few if any are untouched or oblivious. Taking the long view, it’s also true that major new ideas have taken hold in the crucible of troubled times. We are already mid a lean-agile revolution in the areas of work and organization. The surrounding forces amplify the need for this
We are in the digital age.  As Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella noted, “Every company is now a software company.”  And we’re past debating the value of lean-agile methods in software development and business execution.  Even as we continue to learn better ways of working using modern tools, the dominant question has become how to successfully scale these approaches to large systems and whole organizations.  Mik Kersten[1] asserts that, “Those who master large-scale software delivery will
  We talk a lot about the collective power of the group.  The whole is greater than the parts.  Believe in the ability of the team.  These are great principles.  And yet I have always sensed they were somehow incomplete, not the exact story. I can only say this in retrospect, after a recent moment of clarity.  It happened while I was sitting in on one of Marsha Acker’s virtual book tour events for her
We’ve been at agile for a while now, long enough to know that coaching high performance is not so easy. We’ve accrued a great deal of experience and a number of theories and methods have been offered up.  The question is, are there any simplicities in all this that we’ve missed, or relative importances that would help us better order and leverage all this data? I think so. Here’s what I have observed: Purpose is
Great presentation tonight by Jurgen at DCSUG on the innovation lifecycle. A fresh look with great clarity. Highly recommend his new book!