Our continuous goal is to be the most collaborative team possible. This is the guiding principle we offer and bring to bear in any engagement and with any customer relationship. The following provide a sample of our more recent achievements.

  • Lead development of a model driven approach to requirements engineering for a major government agency, described as best practice by Forrester Research
  • Played a lead role in defining and communicating the strategy and plan for Agile transformation for one of the largest federal information technology organizations
  • Facilitated and lead the development of integrated and streamlined business scope and architecture definition process and specification, across numerous separate and large IT functional divisions.
  • Provided requirements engineering and agile mentoring, and direct delivery support to multiple system delivery programs and projects in the hundreds of millions to billion dollar range
  • Incorporated business rules analysis and specification into the standard life cycle and practices of a major government IT organization
  • Partnered to develop and deliver Agile training to 2,000 IT professionals over a few months
  • Developed a set of operating principles and key characteristics for Agile PMOs