Agile and Who We Are – a memorable moment care of Lyssa Adkins

Lyssa Adkins – We are the Leaders We Have Been Waiting For

(At DCSUG, 20 March, 2018)  (At the end, about 1:03:50 – 1:05:30)

“There are some things that we do now that are not quite getting us there.  So let me just name a couple of them: When we argue about this framework, that framework, the other framework; when we snipe at each other on social media; when we allow our Agile values to be compromised as we grow our Agile businesses and we move toward more practices that could be looked as a little greedy; when we do those things, those are from a bygone era and they are not worthy of us, not anymore.  That’s not who we are.

“When we allow, in organizations, when we allow our efforts to be put toward a product that really doesn’t matter, when we give the organization what it wants, or what it thinks it wants, versus what we know it needs, and when we ignore that little voice inside that’s saying, ‘You don’t have forever to make a difference,’ those things are from a bygone era, and they’re not worthy of us either.  We’re headed toward something else.”

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