Lyssa Adkins – We are the Leaders We Have Been Waiting For (At DCSUG, 20 March, 2018) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6pPQ3W7npY&feature=youtu.be  (At the end, about 1:03:50 – 1:05:30) “There are some things that we do now that are not quite getting us there.  So let me just name a couple of them: When we argue about this framework, that framework, the other framework; when we snipe at each other on social media; when we allow our Agile values
Self-awareness can be hard to pin down. The very term “self-awareness” sounds a little bit intense and mysterious.  As the great philosopher Socrates said, “Know Thyself.” It can seem like self-awareness is a long deep journey and the key to everything.  That may very well be the case, but how does one apply it practically? It can help a great deal to take an action or purpose-based approach to the question.  In other words, what
  The Oxford Dictionary defines “self-management” as, “the taking of responsibility for one’s own behavior and well-being.” It is said to be a key skill for an Agile Coach.  Perhaps in line with the word “management”, we are liable to get so caught up in methodologies and techniques concerned with controlling what we want to avoid doing or preventing what we don’t want to be, that we sometimes lose sight of what it is that
In addition to whatever else it may have to offer, Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) has resting inside it an idea that is powerful in both its simplicity and scope. Its the idea of the perfect Definition of Done. According to LeSS Rules, The perfection goal is to improve the Definition of Done so that it results in a shippable product each Sprint (or even more frequently).[1] The big idea here is that we can use
As an Agile Coach, you are anxious to add value.  You have armed yourself with all the indicators of team dysfunction, all the techniques for managing conflict, all the bad behavior patterns to watch for in Agile ceremonies and ways to address them.  But with all this knowledge of what can be wrong with a team and how to fix it, there is one tool, stuffed in the corner of your tool bag, that can