What about team purpose?  We talk about the team having a goal for a product, a release, a sprint, but is that the team’s purpose? And does it matter? Well, if you want to be high performing team, yes it does. It is alignment of purpose that allows us to even perceive where we need to improve and apply self-management to do so. It’s because we feel we have something to achieve that we realize
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Shuhari (Kanji: 守破離 Hiragana: しゅはり) is a Japanese martial art concept, and describes the stages of learning to mastery. Shuhari has for some time been associated with learning how to be Agile. Alistair Cockburn introduced its use in the context of learning software methods in general in his early book Agile Software Development. According to Wikipedia, Shuhari roughly translates to “first learn, then detach, and finally transcend.” shu(守?) “protect”, “obey” — traditional wisdom — learning fundamentals, techniques, heuristics, proverbs For example, learn and